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2 years ago

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I want the comments guys, thanks so much inspiration to links After reading this gave me the confidence to call Simon, who sent a message Friday morning had to say once again, sorry, I was well, call me on the evening I called began by saying I'm sorry that I forgot I said I enjoyed it all the way back which means at least take! when he said tonight he told me, he said well then he said are you sure, very sure I said yes I'm sure to get about 8 good, he said, when I said yes, even that burst to laugh together break the tension after I had finished I was so nervous my mind in the throes of the reality of the situation that I really dawns as the afternoon drew on the work on i upset of emotion, as my penis was rock hard in my pants hurt by 6 is 30 clock out I got home and my erection was still there when I felt like I had electricity every nerve on fire soap filled me I can make my ass wash normally would be a second thought this time I found myself stroking my arsehole hurts finger in God i relieved that he was a yporn good grip, I wanted to fuck me masturbated to run on tight before I leave the shower on a gown and waited for the arrival of Simon don a dead at 8 , I pressed the intercom button "my heart in my mouth, I went to open the door and sat on my couch that his steps were heard yporn the door came a bottle of wine had brought Simon came to well i was asking for more I said it was yporn okay a little nervous, we looked at each other seemed like an eternity, then said quietly tell me what you want then ? do not know very well, he said, I knew what I was asked why he thought so I said I guess having sex Yes, he said, but what was in your mind what you already have it said damn almost screaming in my mind that I was fucking suck straw want to kiss me, who wants to end I want to feel me? new simon can not stop thinking about the content? yporn I began to feel strangeAs I say not I need? I nodded told me my robe revealing my throbbing hard cock invested, who joined me on the couch Do you want to kiss me? Sun kiss me bowed our lips touched I was suddenly passionately kissing my tongue hard to beat in responding in the way it was delicious if we move away said little gay now arnt I said this is not funny, Simon said sadly took my dick jerked'm Sorry, once said he did not want a slut, but something deep inside of yporn you is out to maintain the same things that I ever return to his men look different now, before now were only possible partners want to have sex with them to go there in the form of roosters not the size, if they have secret sense of wonder.... said while I masturbated be slow acceleration squeezed pulling back my foreskin makes my bulge red head, purple cum before pouring from his hand, licked suck yporn well below yporn the waves iI throat moans in joy, was then slowly licked my shaft on my yporn eggs to everyone straw in his mouth again pushed my legs felt his tongue pulled buttocks running around my anus licking investigate incredible sense movement took me to the edge and I came and got splashed on my chest I put my head back completely blow if yporn I yporn do, I said it was amazing! so erotic custom many girls who would like to ask ! said, , then opened his pants to free his long- time fixed hard penis, which opened my legs between them say what you want ? I said fuck me fuck me fuck last time I only used the saliva in my step this time im going to just your cum, raised his finger on my feelings for someone and then two more strongly that arnt said then use a little rubbing his swollen cock making it shine, then massaged into the rest of my chest tomorrow cum smell and love, he took off his shirt then opened my legs back on his shoulders, and felt his erection against my hole, his face before me, have intense eye contact, I was so tense I felt that was m
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